Not everyone needs a huge skip so if you’re doing a small house clearance then you’ll probably only be looking for mini skip hire Gateshead. Mini skip hire Gateshead is perfect for smaller jobs – our mini skips are also known as 2 yarders and they are the smallest ones we do which is great if you haven’t got that much rubbish to remove. If you get mini skip hire Gateshead then it’s also great value for money as they are also the cheapest skips we offer. Being only 2 yards in length also means you can probably fit one on your front lawn which saves you having to pay for a council permit to have to put a larger one on the path outside.

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Not only is mini skip hire gateshead the cheapest one we offer but it’s also great if you’ve got a load of dirty old junk to clear out from the garage that you don’t want making the inside of your car filthy by taking it to the tip your self.

Although mini skip hire gateshead is the smallest skip service we do it’s still more than big enough to clear out your garden or that awful airing cupboard you’ve been collecting junk in for years. To give you a rough estimate of what you can fit in to a mini 2 yard skip a guide is that you can fit 20 black bin bags worth of rubbish in there. It’s the perfect size if you’re clearing the junk out of your attic. A tip as well if you get mini skip hire Gateshead then make sure you break up all your big items before you put them in there and you’ll fit a lot more in!

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